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'Full freak fantasy'

Infantation brings interactive art and music to The Vanguard


“It’s like if David Lynch had a baby shower … an elaborate, abstract, surreal baby shower.” 

That’s how co-organizer and performer, Kota Harrington explains Infantation—an interactive art and music show coming to The Vanguard on Sept. 6. 

Infantation is a portmanteau of infant and incantation, honoring birth, life and all the magic therein. “[It’s] like the ethereal process of becoming a person and being shot out into life,” co-organizer Logan Little said. 

Infantation will bring the metaphor home by transforming The Vanguard into a “birthing experience from the mouth of the venue all the way into where the music will be happening,” Little said. The immersion will include a womb created by the Portal Bazaar art collective, entrancing soundscapes, projections, murals, elaborate papier-mâché creations, a garden, a “full freak fantasy” dress code and genre-spanning live music.

“We wanted to make shows more inclusive to each and every music scene in town. We’re gonna have genres ranging from experimental ambient music to indie, hardcore, metal and rap. So it’s gonna reach a lot of different crowds,” Little said.

Those genres will be represented by all kinds of local acts, including Zunis, Tizzi, Girls Club, Candy Fly, Harrington’s own The Blakstar Experience (TBSE) and others. Infantation will be a fitting farewell performance for TBSE, as Harrington and his partner are expecting a baby boy in October. 

Stepping back from music to focus on fatherhood is something like a spiritual transition for Harrington. “It’s like being reincarnated, like this life is ending and I’m about to start another one. It’s a very intense feeling,” he said. “It’s kind of bitter sweet … I’m really excited to play and give it my all and push myself. Especially with all the amazing people around me.”

Harrington and his bandmates are excited to make their last performance one of their most memorable and boundary pushing, bringing their heavy ambient sound into new sonic territories in a surreal, one-of-a-kind environment. “I hope it makes people do weirder shit,” Harrington said. “I hope people just break their cookie cutters.” 

*  *  *

The Vanguard, 222 N. Main St. 
Friday Sept. 6, 6 p.m.,
$10 in advance, $12 day of 

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