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Word on the street

What’s got you most excited about Gathering Place?

Tulsa’s newest urban park opens Sept. 8, and people of all ages have something to look forward to. The $465 million project has transformed the area surrounding Riverside Drive near 31st Street into an outdoor space with BMX and skate parks, places to dine, trails, and a plethora of playground equipment. Riverside Drive will open to traffic Sept. 10. We asked around town to get an idea of what everyone is excited about, and this is how they answered.

Tyler Knaus, baker
“I’m looking forward to being able to bike through the river (area) again.”


Margaret Stall, barista
“I’m excited to use Riverside again. It’s going to be great.”


Jessica Freed, nurse
“A sandbox used to get kids outside. With our children’s world constantly evolving, technology pulls them inside. The outdoor world needed a big win, and I think Gathering Place has done that.”

Eliseo Casiano, artist
“The Roots show on opening night!”


David Gardner, barista
“I can’t wait until I can walk on the land bridge knowing that I’m over Riverside (Drive).”


Waymon Brown, OSU grad
“I can finally get to my destinations, and it will unclog Brookside.”