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Word on the street

What is today’s most frightening political situation?

“What’s going on in Korea.” —Christen Slaughter | Engineer



“Ignorance. All our issues are segregated—some people support women’s rights, others support gay rights. We can’t have a voice in unison.” —Oly Mistry | Software Developer


“North Korea. The escalating rhetoric and China’s ability to reel Kim Jong Un in.” —Jennifer Koch


“So many. The nuclear war that might happen between North Korea and the United States, the unstable social divide, healthcare, the instability within the Republican Party, gun safety.” —Christy Tipton | Buyer


“I fear that we have confused patriotism with nationalism, and I’m afraid for what that means for the country in general. We judge other countries for defending themselves, when the majority of Americans would want the U.S. government to do the same thing in their shoes.” —Grace Dawkins | Attorney

“Gotta be that one in North Korea. Don’t know what he’s thinking. Don’t know what Donald Trump’s gonna say to set him off.” —Elmer Crockett | Security officer


“North Korea. They’re crazy.” —Gwen Jones | Grandmother



“The electoral college. Mostly just because they get the last say. Then we get the president we have.” —Ryan Hamil


“Aw geez. Just Trump in general.” —Kate Jones | Paralegal



“I’m over it. Honestly, I don’t even follow it anymore.” —Jaclyn Sadler | Paralegal



“North Korea. Unfortunately, I think there’s gonna be casualties on South Korea and Japan. Kim Jong Un is a loose cannon. It’s not Donald Trump’s fault. We’ve been doing this for the last three decades.” —Chase Thomas | Oil and gas industry


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