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A letter to the editor

Oct. 18


Like Richard Nixon, Mary Fallin has a
political enemies list

    I made it as a substitute and paraprofessional
teacher in public schools.

    I’m distinguished company on our Governor’s list—
other subs and paras,
nursing home attendants,
call center callers, grocery sackers
and stockers, retail clerks, fast-food workers,
tipped servers and bartenders, child-care workers,
floor cleaners, and dish washers.

    Thanks to Fallin and her Rebublican gang
We all make less than a living wage of $15 an hour.

    Most of us are working women.

    When Fallin was elected as our first woman governor
we hoped she would be on our side.

    Instead, she keeps our state’s minimum wage
Lowest in the nation at $7.25 an hour and $2.13 for tipped workers.

    Twenty-nine states have raised their wage higher
than the federal $7.25 and $2.13. The Arkansas minimum
is $8.50 and $2.63 for tipped. But not Republican-controlled
Oklahoma, where rednecks rule the roost.

    Pish Posh. Horsefeathers. Hogwash.

    Maybe, Madeline Albright was right when
the former Secretary of State said, “There’s a
special place in Hell for women who don’t help each other.”

    Love always,

    Virginia Blue Jeans Jenner