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Contact sheet: The Hill Wife

As a society we are forever chased by lions that do not exist. Recently I have been interested in the universal themes surrounding our primary emotions and, specifically, the more nuanced secondary emotion of anxiety. To expand on what might have been simply a cathartic exploration of something common, I decided to use a classic visual trope as a metaphor for fear of the unknown.

Throughout history, the woods have been used in allegories to represent the chaos surrounding the unknowable and the other. The woods are symbolic of that which is outside our range of sight, holding significance as a liminal space between what is understood and what might be. They are portals to our anxieties and places for us to explore a realm of new possibility. There is a certain magic, both contemporary and timeless, in such spaces. We are all wanderers in the present, moving toward the uncertainty of the future, and as viewers we can only guess what waits in the darkness of the wood.

Contact Sheet is a place for local photographers to share their projects. If you’re interested in submitting, write to voices@langdonpublishing.com. You can follow Destiny on Instagram at @auroralgreen or see more of her work at destinyjgreen.squarespace.com