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‘Not all country boys’

Be proud of ‘pride truck’ in rural Oklahoma

Cody Barlow lives in Hulbert, a community of about 600 people west of Tahlequah in Cherokee County. He put this message on his truck during Pride month to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Cody Barlow/Facebook

With a rainbow tailgate and the proclamation “Not all country boys are bigots / Happy Pride month,” a man’s pickup truck in Hulbert, Oklahoma, has made national headlines while drawing attention to supporters of LGBTQ+ rights in rural America.

Cody Barlow made his Facebook post June 6 for Pride month, and it has been liked more than 100,000 times shared more than 68,000 times:

“This is important to me, not only because I have family and friends that are LGBTQ+, but also because countless people have dealt with hatred and judgement simply for who they are, and/or who they love, for far too long,” Barlow wrote. “Obviously doing this isn’t going to change the minds of those who are intolerant, but hopefully it can help drown out the hatred with love.”

Living in Hulbert, a community of about 600 people west of Tahlequah in Cherokee County, Barlow said he is surrounded by small towns.

“I’m sure this is not a very welcome message around here, but this is going to be displayed on my truck for the entire month of June in support of Pride month,” Barlow wrote. “I don’t think it is necessary to say, but for all intents and purposes I am a straight man that grew up here in Oklahoma. I love taking my truck mudding, going fishing, swimming at the lake, floating the river and several other ‘country’ activities.”

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