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Summer’s here and the time’s right for sushi

TTV readers express their love for sushi

We asked our readers:

What is your favorite rol


What sushi roll best describes you?


@james_b_elrod: The Dilly roll from @YokozunaTulsa is about the best thing ever.....

@JordanianRiver: Rising Sun Roll from Yokozuna. it’s like candy!!!

@woodenwarship: 1. Tango Roll from Sushi Train (+2 pts for delivery style!) 2. Don Won Roll from Sushi Hana Brookside 3. 918 Crunch Roll from Sushi Place

@LeBlancLCSW: Volcano roll at In the Raw and Spider Roll anywhere

@AgelessForAeons: The El Guapo roll at @YokozunaTulsa (fire emoji)



Tiffany Carroll French: I’d be a vegetable tempura roll because I’m trying to be healthy but not doing a great job.

Davis ‘dlite’ Light: What sushi roll best describes me? I find myself to be a spicy tuna roll. Fresh and friendly with a little spice.

Anna Bennett: Probably the Hot Mess from Yokozuna. Let’s be honest.

Evan Parker: The Wolverine Roll - ‘cuz it goes down like snickety snickety SNACK!

Eric Dean: I’m more like sashimi: simple, honest, raw, and best naked.

Ali Wokoun: DynoMITE! (Said like JJ from Good Times) handle with care or I might explode.

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