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Word on the street

Tulsa’s favorite local fare, past and present

If you’re from Tulsa, when you think about home you think about fantastic food. We hit the streets to find out what restaurants you dream about when you’re far away, along with your most-missed culinary casualties who left this world far too soon.

What long-gone Tulsa restaurant do you still crave?


What’s the local food spot (or dish) you dream about when you’re homesick?

Jeff Wells
“I still miss Impressions. I think that was one of the better places around. Tom was a nice guy. He did a salad—a potato thing with all kinds of stuff on it—I liked that a lot. Sandwiches were good. He didn’t have anything bad on the menu that I recall.” (Editor’s note: Impressions reopened downtown as Take 2: A Resonance Café at 309 S. Main St.

Chris Basile
“15th Street Wok, where Main Street Tavern is now. I loved that shit when I was a kid. That restaurant closed in, like, ‘95, but I’m still a teriyaki chicken kinda guy. Or Hibiscus on Brookside. It was my favorite first-date restaurant.”

Julie Edwards
“Two come to mind, actually. One was called Diamond Jack’s, the other was CJ’s Chicken. The chicken chunks … it was like Rex’s on crack.”

Cara Dillon
“Well, it’s about to re-open, but (the downtown) Bramble. I love Bramble. I think Bramble’s brunch is one of the best in Tulsa.”

Jennifer Hua
“I thought you were going to say ‘miss most,’ and I was going to say Mods! They were just right there, and now they’re gone.”

Sherman Dycus
“What do I miss most? Yeah, Mods.”


Amy Sue Haggard
“The Real McCoy, out on Admiral and Garnett. It’s a little dive hamburger joint. They have really great chili cheese burgers, old-school burgers and ice-cold root beer.”

George Schulz
“Cafe Olé. The food’s just really good and tastes like home to me. It’s so weird to come back to Tulsa and Cafe Olé is still here.
I got my very first job there.”

Paul Harvey
“Lot A Burger. Double cheeseburger. Everything on it except mustard.” 

Nick Ernce
“Coneys from Coney Islander. I know people who are from Dallas and they’ll bring an ice chest, order, like, 60 coneys, and take them back to Dallas with them. It’s a very Tulsa food.”

Brian Hunter
“Burn Co. is always great. Killer barbeque. That’s a place I always miss when I’m out of town and looking for good barbeque.”

“Grilled cheese and bacon macarons from Dog Dish in Utica Square.”