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Artists in their spaces

Contact Sheet

I always try to capture the authenticity of a person in my images. I think of it as getting to peek behind the curtain into a secret life or artistic process that you normally don’t get to witness. This is the reason I love photographing artists in their studios or workspaces. I may have seen or experienced their art beforehand, but getting to document them in their own personal space creating is intimate and organic, and it is these moments that I truly love to share.

This series is a collection of documentary-style photos of local artists that I’ve taken over the last few years—featuring potters, painters, installation artists, and musicians. I wanted this series to focus more on the artists and their process rather than the art itself.

Contact Sheet is a place for local photographers to share their projects. If you’re interested in submitting, write to voices@langdonpublishing.com. You can find more work from Valerie at valerieweihaas.com or follow along at @valweihaas on Instagram.