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31 questions to test your hometown knowledge

1. The Cain’s Ballroom was originally a garage for what KKK member, and city founder?

2. Which Detroit garage rocker owns a house in Tulsa?

3. In what neighborhood is Tulsa’s oldest house?

4. What restaurant originally occupied the location of the Burger World in Weird Al’s movie, “UHF”?

5. What television cartoon characters worked at a Burger World, inspired by the location in “UHF”, thus tying them to Tulsa?

6. What former Tulsa restaurant’s Colorado counterpart appears in an episode of South Park?

7. What former Tulsa rollercoaster featured a mural of Batman’s nemesis, The Joker?

8. The voice of what Disney/Pixar “Cars” character lives in Tulsa?

9. Who is the voice actor from the previous question?

10. The Beatles’ spiritual advisor, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, bought what Tulsa landmark and allowed it to fall into disrepair?

11. Mob boss Whitey Bulger is connected to Tulsa through a murder that occurred where?

12. Which extra-wide street in the neighborhood west of LaFortune Park was once the main runway at the old Cherokee Airport?

13. The frontman of which multimillion record-selling band lived in the Kennedy Mansion in the ‘80s?

14. A whole punched in the wall by a member of what band is still framed at Cain’s Ballroom?

15. What Tulsa punk band’s logo appears in the documentary “American Hardcore”?

16. What frequent mayoral candidate bikes around Tulsa in a Santa Suit?

17. When the mayoral candidate from the previous question interrupted the televised 2016 mayoral debates, by what name did he call the cameraman?

18. What tower did “Tower Guy” occupy in 2012 to get his name?

19. What local bar is opening another location in Minneapolis, Minn. in 2018?

20. What local business group is opening several locations in Little Rock, Ark. In 2018?

21. What restaurant has autographed photos of its most famous regular, Waylon Jennings, hanging on the walls?

22. According to Waylon Jennings, what Tulsan is “still the king?”

23. In what tune about Tulsa does Ernie Fields sing "If you go down to Greenwood tomorrow, I'll sing you the blues some more"?

24. What Ministry song originated from a chance encounter in a Tulsa hotel room with the singer of the Butthole Surfers?

25. Behind what movie theater is Tulsa’s underground and abandoned mall?

26. Williams Tower was designed by the same architect and is a near quarter scale replica of what landmark U.S. skyscraper?

27. What is the name of the sculpture at the Center Of The Universe?

28. What Tulsa building is the first major architectural structure ever designed in the U.S. using computer simulation?

29. Which of these Deco buildings was NOT built between 1915 and 1930? Philcade Building, Philtower, Spotlight Theater, Boston Avenue Methodist Church, Oklahoma Natural Gas Company Building, Christ the King, Page Warehouse, Southwestern Bell Main Dial Building

30. What is the recently-coined name of a Tulsa district?

31. Which district is named for a disused Gulf Oil Service Station?

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