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Charles Elmore

Black love matters

Big ideas fall short in a modern-day spin on Bonnie and Clyde

Minor Prophets

Burning Cane is a stunning debut from a teenage filmmaker

Time crisis

Aaron Paul shines in this direct sequel to the hit AMC television series

Pain and gory

Bliss is a death-metal blast beat of horror filmmaking

Wise gals

Jennifer Lopez shines in Hustlers

Protest song

The Nightingale is a brutal indictment of colonialism

Golden age

Quentin Tarantino’s latest is his most sincere, heartfelt offering in decades

The boring king

The latest ‘live-action’ remake of a Disney animated classic is a low-hanging cash grab

The thunder rolls

Martin Scorsese stokes the legend of Bob Dylan in new documentary Martin Scorsese’s The Rolling

Play the hits

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is an explosive finale to the MCU saga

Restless native

Ashton Sanders offers a captivating, uneven literary adaptation

Mirror image

‘Us’ is a horrifying funhouse reflection of American life

Star-crossed bummer

A saccharine tearjerker can’t escape the clichés

Tragic bromance

Ray Romano and Mark Duplass pair up for an unsatisfying buddy comedy

Fallen angel

Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron misfire with a dull adaptation

Torch songs

‘Cold War’ is an elegant post-WWII romance

Tread lightly

Henry Dunham’s taut debut puts a right-wing militia on trial

A love supreme

Barry Jenkins delivers an emotional portrait of black love in ‘70s New York

Diversity represents in 2018

TTV film critics look back on the year in movies

The art of suffering

Willem Dafoe delivers a heartbreaking performance in this messy Van Gogh biopic
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