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Jeff Huston

Over the rainbow

Zellweger outmatches the melodrama of Judy

Race for the prize

Jillian Bell’s marathon comedy has the power to change lives

Great Wall

Chinese and American cultures clash in Obama-produced Netflix doc

A star is born

Brit drama about singer pursuing her dream pulls no punches

Injustice for all

The case of the Central Park Five is powerfully rendered in new miniseries

Full Circle – 5/15/19

An ordinary reckoning

Tulsa native Mary Kay Place shines in award-winning film

There will be criticism

Q&A with New York Times film critic A.O. Scott


Gorgeous filmmaking can’t elevate a laughable genre exercise

Black life itself

An Academy Award-nominated documentary meditates on rural black America

Game changer

Soderbergh’s Netflix movie is better at tech than drama

The faint Gatsby

‘Burning’ is a labored generational critique that tries your patience

Steal your heart

A petty crime family reckons with itself in ‘Shoplifters’

Diversity represents in 2018

TTV film critics look back on the year in movies

Melancholic memories

Alfonso Cuarón’s passion project gives Netflix an Oscar contender

Wild Woeful West

The Coens bring a biblical brand of Western to Netflix

Hollywood in the heartland

Paul Dano’s directorial debut brings awards buzz sweeping down the plain

Stranger things

Nicolas Cage reaps bloody revenge in art house horror ‘Mandy’

Eclectic projections

Inside the 2018 Tulsa American Film Festival

Noble prize

Glenn Close gives a screen-acting masterclass in ‘The Wife’
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