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Face to face

Adam Murphy’s portraits reveal the human dimension of Iron Gate’s mission to feed the hungry

The dialogue goes both ways

EXCHANGE Choreography Festival promises a frank look at the art of dance

Constituent dissonance

‘...Patriots...’ make a campaign trail stop at Living Arts

Graceless land

In ‘The King,’ Elvis in decline is a case study of America in decline

Sorry, not sorry

Boots Riley’s ‘Sorry to Bother You’ upends audience expectations

‘A Song and Dance Man’

The second showcase of the Bob Dylan Center’s ‘Tarantula: On Film’

Full Circle

A brief rundown of what’s happening at Circle Cinema

More than a movie

Circle Cinema celebrates 90 years of diversity and community

Glazed and improved

TAC Gallery will exhibit Austin Navrkal sculptures in July

Bill Maher doesn’t fear the boos

On political correctness, Roseanne, and Donald Trump’s reign

Show and tell

Tulsa FMAC launches the Tulsa Creativity Database

Netflix and chill

‘Set It Up’ is the streaming giant’s bid for a rom-com resurrection

Full Circle

A brief rundown of what’s happening at Circle Cinema

Hoop! There it is

Team work makes the dream work in the light-hearted basketball comedy ‘Uncle Drew’

American idle

A father and daughter use music to get out of their funk in ‘Hearts Beat Loud’

Wingin’ it

TNT Wangs add comedians to their fourth annual birthday bash

Go your own way

Ahha’s ‘The Experience’ is an immersive playground for artists and the public

Always hustling, never satisfied

Retired BMX pro Miles Rogoish returns to Tulsa

In a sea of redneck

Trae Crowder talks rap music, comfort food, and doing his comedy in the South

Beatniks and bishops

Woody Guthrie Center will host ‘Tarantula on Film,’ a three-part summer series
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