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'Liquid swords'

Bubbles and Flow pairs hip-hop and saison

When we were young

Tulsans on their favorite things through their teenage years

Burn book

Oklahoma cannabis businesses vs. Facebook ‘community standards’

Teenage riot

Graveyard Party are the young heroes Tulsa needs

More than catching babies

New Midtown Midwife clinic focuses on ‘well-woman care’

Leader of men

David Harris continues a legacy of mentoring young black Tulsans

Epic fail

When schools are operated as profit-making ventures, the interest of students won’t come first

Single servings

Private barrel selections bring exclusive booze to T-Town

Delicate dance

Southern Italian fare takes the stage on Cherry Street

The babe with the power

Nicole Byer on being real, telling jokes and flipping the script

Fortunate son

Privilege, race and trust are front and center in Luce

Falling for Tulsa

44 autumn festivals

Quartz Mountain magic

Teen artwork from the 2019 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute

Humanity and hubris

Searching for Jim Inhofe

A kind campaign

For youth advocates in Tulsa, promoting health is more than preventing pregnancy

Kids today

A new generation, in their own words

Full circle

A Brief Rundown of What’s Happening At Circle Cinema

Editor's Letter 8/21/19

Choosing sides

Abortion clinic volunteer protects patients

Wizards in the wings

Behind the curtain with Tulsa's backstage talent
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