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Kneeling in Tulsa

Tulsa native hip-hop artist Marshall Sinclaire takes on the Betty Shelby case in a new music video

GALLERY: Tulsa reacts to Betty Shelby’s not guilty verdict

Images after the acquittal, May 17, 2017

One for us

The story of Oklahoma’s largest hip-hop festival

Another assault on education

Nursing home administrators edition

From a basement to the studio

The end of one DIY podcast, the beginning of another

A president and a prophet

Encounters with the future in Tulsa’s sister city

The savage god

Art that scares us—or doesn’t get a chance to

Places to keep

Talking with Lauren Barth at her Courtyard Concert

Analog forever

Local zine culture thrives

Let’s get together

Your Lord Dudeness will officiate whatever kind of wedding you want

Missed matchup

Recent loss won’t deter the team formerly known as Tulsa Athletics

A place both wonderful and strange

A ‘Twin Peaks’ primer ahead of its May 21 revival

Mesmerizing gut-punch

‘The Dinner’ feels like a play, digs deep like a novel

Magic hours

Philbrook’s evening Film on the Lawn series expands to year-round showings

Resurgence on the river

New tenants breathe life back into RiverWalk Crossing


Gerbils to power Tulsa Public Schools and other stuff you shouldn't have to read

Required imbibing

If there’s anything TTV editors love, it’s reading and day-drinking. Here’s your carefully curated guide for an afternoon of escapism: legendary Okie reads paired with classic Tulsa patios.

Art out of earth

Shades of Brown owner exhibits her work

Not considered

Oklahoma working families saw a smaller tax refund this year

Badly dubbed glory

Sterlin Harjo makes a documentary about ‘Mazeppa’
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