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Mary Noble

For the universe

An interview with Biz Markie ahead of his Guthrie Green performance

Legacy and impact

Remembering MLK’s visit to North Tulsa, 50 years after his death

Dialogue, empowerment, change

Pastor Mareo Johnson leads the local Black Lives Matter chapter, mentors ex-inmates, and works to better North Tulsa

Something for everyone

Gathering Place Park Director Tony Moore hopes his team over-delivers

Nevertheless, she ran

Sally’s List looks to close the gender gap in Oklahoma’s legislature

Stories from the resistance

One year in

Welcome to Hazard

Frankenpruitt is scary, but he’s not surprising

A victim’s rights

Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma has bipartisan support

Dream on

Rescinding DACA will affect nearly 6,900 Oklahoma recipients

Comin’ to get busy

A conversation with Raekwon, headliner for Higher Plains festival

Solutions, not punishment

Modus gives teens rides to medical and social services

Here today, gone tomorrow

Tulsa struggles with street art

Set the tone

Dialtone’s constant quest for inspiration

Pop art

Tulsa’s tiniest ‘sicle shack

One on one

John Oates talks Hall & Oates’s new tour, his memoir, and playing Tulsa

Free weed

Juicy J talks touring, Barry White, and the enduring popularity of “Bandz A Make Her Dance”

From KFC to sushi

An interview with Nappy Roots

The year's best music

Tulsa artists and tastemakers pick their favorite albums of 2016

Polyglot Jankins

The artist formerly known as P.D.A. returns to Tulsa

Long distance labor of love

The Phoenix Bros. drop new EP
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