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Mitch Gilliam

Velveteen touch

Paul Benjaman’s 'Sneaker' is pure Tulsa

Dogmatic debris

Senior Fellows’ Shallow Grave is a politically charged bundle of thorns

Crypt life

A quick-reference guide to identifying Okie cryptids

Alien blood

JFJO goes to battle for earth

Courtyard Concert Series | Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Collaborate and listen

Higher Plains Music Festival is a Tulsa miracle

Good libations

A guide to drinking well in Tulsa

A no-brainer

Citizens push for African American Affairs Commission

Growing pains

How thoughtful development will build an inclusive community

New kids on the block

Loft project on the Cain's block seeking empty-nesters

Origin story: Cry Baby Hill

Real life

Touring local acts receive a warm Tulsa welcome in a town up the road

Passing through: Sweet Talk

Closing time

Dull Drums stored up for themselves riches in Heaven

Tuned town

Why the founder of Horton Records cares so damn much

Endangered species

What’s destroying Tulsa’s record-store habitat

Do this

A checklist of the best things to do in Tulsa this summer

Right of passage

A local hip-hop group wanted to host a free memorial for victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot. Its members found out that was harder—and more hurtful—than they knew.


One musician’s plan to keep the music alive

Raising a ruckus

Downtown’s street drummer on life (and music) on the streets
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