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News from the Plains

The lair and lies of Scott Pruitt

Kakistocracy’s new gold standard

Execution redux

Death’s new formula

Humanity in America

Uncle Leo, egg salad sandwiches, and the NRA

Over God we fuss

Oklahoma’s never-ending preposterousness

The state we’re in

Part V: the end of an error

What’s wrong with the Right

Lunch and Oral Roberts jokes with a GOP congressional candidate

Oklahoma politics and pot

What a long but predictably strange trip it’s been

G.T. Bynum, mayoral ghosts, and the Reagan sofa

The continuing interview, part 3

The 9th Annual Bad Penny Awards

2017: A special kind of awful

On Nazis, the Tulsa Race Riot, and the ties that bind

A conspiracy of goodness

American voices

The resistance, part two

American voices

The resistance, part one

Guns, death, and the end of conversation

Is now a good time?

The son also rises

Corbin Brewster, the ‘sins’ of the father, and Tulsa County politics

We are Niemöller

Tepidity in the face of evil

We’re all in this together

Jill Webb on justice, the poor, and Oklahoma’s prosperity gospel

Grifting for Jesus

Hobby Lobby is whack

The right-wing hand-wring

In defense of Markwayne Mullin (seriously!)

Send in the clones

The race to replace Jim Bridenstine

Butt for a tax

The con of the 56th Legislative Session
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