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Hollywood in the heartland

Paul Dano’s directorial debut brings awards buzz sweeping down the plain

Dancing with the devil

Luca Guadagnino offers a hypnotic re-imagining of ‘Suspiria’

Full Circle

A brief rundown of what’s happening at Circle Cinema

Chicks in bowls

Contact Sheet

Take me to church

Finding salvation in a gay bar

Decolonizing death

Tulsa’s Day of the Dead Festival builds a bridge, not a wall

‘A place on my altar’

Oklahoma artist Eliseo Casiano on death, family, and representation

Join the rumble

Tulsa Pop Culture Expo brings ‘Ponyboy’ C. Thomas Howell for Outsiders House Museum benefit

‘Go to the words’

Rilla Askew talks literary Oklahoma and writerly advice

Phantom limbs

Tulsa history, told by trees

Stranger things

Nicolas Cage reaps bloody revenge in art house horror ‘Mandy’

Thief of hearts

Robert Redford delivers a graceful performance in ‘The Old Man & the Gun’

Hearty laughter

Local comics compile comedy for a cause

Fixup Town

The secret lives of Tulsa lights

World music

‘Far Western’ documents the surviving classic country tradition in Japan

Full Circle

A brief look at what’s happening at Circle Cinema


A small town confronts its dark past in ‘1945’

Tulsa | Memento Mori


To see the world anew

‘Tour de Quartz’ brings local student artwork to Gilcrease Museum

Noble prize

Glenn Close gives a screen-acting masterclass in ‘The Wife’
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