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Live well

From cryotherapy to compounding pharmacies, hot yoga to hiking—here’s to taking care of yourself this busy season

Everyone’s welcome

Planned Parenthood is not just for women

Peace peregrinations

Swami Sankarananda shares teachings on harmony and finding joy in simplicity

Advocacy mode

An interview with Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s Mike Brose

American voices

The resistance, part two

Can we talk?

The fast-fading art of constructive conversation

In it for the long run

The Route 66 Marathon brings out the best of Tulsa

‘It’s okay to be white’

Flyers littered college campuses, including TU’s

Under pressure

How Oklahomans would fare with the Congressional GOP tax plan

Editor’s Letter – 11/15/17

Hurts so good

Cyntergy Hurtland cyclocross event is fun for all ages

Stories from the resistance

One year in

Rethinking the Republican resistance

On the importance of conversations across party lines


A short story

American voices

The resistance, part one

How to walk to town

In five steps

Blood rolls no more

Cherokee Nation v. Nash a successful challenge to black disenfranchisement

Big support for small businesses

Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation partners with Kiva to bring capital to local entrepreneurs

You get a felony, you get a felony—everybody gets a felony!

Oklahoma’s sprawling criminal code could use serious pruning

Your voice

A letter to the editor
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