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The savage god

Art that scares us—or doesn’t get a chance to

Analog forever

Local zine culture thrives

A place both wonderful and strange

A ‘Twin Peaks’ primer ahead of its May 21 revival

Mesmerizing gut-punch

‘The Dinner’ feels like a play, digs deep like a novel

Magic hours

Philbrook’s evening Film on the Lawn series expands to year-round showings

Art out of earth

Shades of Brown owner exhibits her work

Badly dubbed glory

Sterlin Harjo makes a documentary about ‘Mazeppa’

Overground above and beyond

Multimedia narratives and experiences link Tulsa’s creative past and emerging future

Under the influence

Larry Clark’s homecoming and the dirtiest act he ever saw in Tulsa

Verve and vigor, bits and pieces

Clu Gulager: not a normal filmmaker

Extraneous forces

Mark Borchardt’s new documentary short explores UFO culture

The new journalism

Virtual reality technology turns stories into experiences

Get a little weirder

In its second year, Habit Mural Festival will cover the Gateway Building in new art

Strange alchemy

Amy Rockett-Todd’s archaic art of wet plate collodion photography

Mononymous, hilarious

Yasamin’s Persian-Irish-Tulsa perspective

High concept ‘The Discovery’ streaming now

Because you can always stay home and watch Netflix instead

Public radio head

StudioTulsa’s man behind the mic

Systematic Murder

David Grann does the Osage murders justice in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

A voice of their own

Tulsa Ballet fosters new work and young dancers

Suffragette city

League of Women Voters hosts second annual Madam President event
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