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Courtyard Concert Series | Chris Lee Becker & Levi Parham

In our 2014 best album poll, three local musicians named singer-songwriter Chris Lee Becker’s Imaginary Friends their all-around favorite. This made Becker a shoo-in to kick off our 2015 Courtyard Concert Series (CYCS). Becker and friends played a double-header with McAlester singer-songwriter Levi Parham. A self-described soul artist with heavy blues influence, Parham plans to release a live album this summer and another studio album in the fall. Catch Becker April 30 at The Colony, and visit TheTulsaVoice.com/video for more Courtyard Concert videos. 

Chris Lee Becker

Favorite way to spend a Saturday: Sierra Nevadas with the wife and dog.

First song learned: “Nine Pound Hammer.” Merle Travis song. There’s so many good versions of it. Everybody did it. Just a good tune.

Best concert I’ve seen in Tulsa: When I was, I think 15, maybe? I saw Frank Black play solo, opening up for They Might Be Giants at Cain’s Ballroom. That stuck in my mind as one of the best shows ever. Recently, the Wilco shows at Cain’s are pretty great. [John] Prine at the Brady was good. And all the local shows are just so fun. [Tom] Skinner, Wink Burcham, [Jacob] Tovar and the Saddle Tramps, they’re all just great. I can’t list them all.

A show I won’t miss: Sam Baker is coming to Perkins [May 3 at Old Church Center.] He’s probably my favorite songwriter right now. [Baker will also play at Guthrie Green May 2 as part of the Woody Guthrie Center 2nd Anniversary Celebration.]

People might be surprised to know: I’m way into the comic book movies and TV shows. My dad took me to the midnight premier of the Michael Keaton, Tim Burton “Batman” when I was like 11. And I ended up seeing that in the theater—I was real proud of it—11 times. I still think that’s the best comic book movie ever made.

Music is not what you think it is.

Levi Parham


Three albums I’d need on a desert island: Chris Lee Becker’s Imaginary Friends, Van Morrison’s Saint Dominic’s Preview and Muddy Waters’ Folk Singer

You might be surprised to know I’m super shy, and I’m extremely awkward—something about being 6-foot-6, I think. 

Favorite local hangout:
Fassler Hall. 

A show I won’t miss:
Bob Dylan May 9 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. 

Tattoos I regret: An ex-girlfriend’s name and a Chinese symbol on my shoulder—stupid. I was like 16. 

Best concert I’ve seen in Tulsa: I saw the Black Keys and Dr. Dog at the Cain’s almost 10 years ago. So good. I got kicked out for smoking weed. I was very young.  

Music is everywhere. 

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